Dr. M. Luther, subscribed.

Dr. Jutus Jonas, the Rector, subscribed with his own hand.

Dr. John Bugenhagen, of Pomerania, subscribed.

Dr. Caspar Cruciger, subscribed.

Nicholas Amsdorg of Magdeburg, subscribed.

George Spalatin of Aldenburg, subscribed.

I, Philip Melanchthon, approve the foregoing Articles as pious and Christian. But in regard to the Pope I hold, that if he would receive the Gospel, we might also allow him by human authority (jure humano), and for the sake of peace and the common concord of Christendom, to exercise jurisdiction over the bishops who are now or may hereafter be under his authority.

John Agricola of Eisleben, subscribed.

Gabriel Dydimus, subscribed.

I, Dr. Urban Regius, superintendent of the churches in the dukedom of Luneburg, subscribe in my own name and in the names of my brothers, and of the church of Hanover.

I, Stephen Agricola, minister at Chur, subscribe.

I, John Draconites, professor and minister at Marburg, subscribe.

I, Conrad Feigenbotz, for the glory of God here testify that I have thus believed, and still continue so to believe and teach.

I, Andrew Osiander, minister at Nuremburg, subscribe.

I, M. Vitus Dietrich, minister at Naumburg, subscribe.

I, Edward Schnepf, preacher at Stuttgard, subscribe.

Conrad Otinger, preacher of duke Ulric at Pfortzheim.

Simon Schneweis, steward of the church in Crailsheim.

I, John Schlaginhauffen, pastor of the church at Koten, subscribe.

George Heltus of Forcheim, A. M.

Adam of Fulda, A. M. }
} Preachers in Hesse.
Anthony Corvinus, A. M. }

I, Dr. John Bugenhagen of Pomerania, again subscribe in the name of John Brentius, A. M., as on leaving Smalcald, he directed me verbally and in writing, which I have shown to these brethren who have subscribed.

I, Dionysius Melander subscribe to the Confession, the Apology, and the Agreement on the subject of the Sacrament.

Paul Rhodius, superintendent of Stettin.

Gerard Oeniken, superintendent of the church in Minden.

I, Briccius of Northan, minister of the church of Christ which is at Soest, subscribe to the Articles of the Rev. father, M. Luther, and confess that I have thus believed and taught, and, by the Spirit of Christ, will continue thus to believe and to teach.

Michael Coelius, minister at Mansfeld, subscribed.

Peter Geltner, A. M., minister at Frankfort, subscribed.

Wendal Faber, steward at Seburg in the duchy of Mansfeld.

I, John Aepinus, subscribe.

I, John Amsterdam of Bremen, subscribe.

I, Frederic Myconius of Gotha, pastor of the church of Thuringia, subscribe in my name and in that of Justus Menius of Isenach.

I, Dr. John Long, minister of the church at Erfurt, subscribe in my own name and in that of my coadjutors in the Gospel, namely:
The licentiate L. Platzis, of Melosing.
Rev. Sigismund Kirchner.
" Wolfgang Kismetter.
" Melchior Weitman.
" John Tall.
" John Kilian.
" Nicholas Faber.

" Andrew Menser,– I subscribe with my own hand.

I, Egidius Mechler, have subscribed with my own hand.