In these four articles they will have enough to condemn at the council; for they cannot and will not concede to us the least member of a single one of these articles. For this we must be prepared, and animate ourselves with the hope that Christ our Lord has assailed his adversaries, and will pursue them with his Spirit and with his judgment. Amen.

For at the council we shall not, as at Augsburg, stand before the Emperor, or temporal authority, who published a very gracious summons, and permitted matters to be investigated in kindness; but we shall stand before the Pope and the devil himself, who does not intend to listen, but merely to condemn, to murder, and force us into idolatry. Therefore we dare not here kiss his feet, or say: You are my gracious lord; but as the angel in Zechariah 3, 2, said: God rebuke thee, Satan.