Of the Invocation of Saints.

The invocation of saints is also an antichristian abuse, repugnant to the first chief article, and destructive of the knowledge of Christ. It is likewise neither commanded nor advised, and is without example in Scripture. And all things are more abundantly offered unto us in Christ, so that we have no need for the invocation of saints, even if there were something good and precious connected with it; which, however, is not the fact.

And although angels in heaven pray for us, (as Christ himself also does,) and also saints on earth, perhaps also in heaven; it still does not follow that we should invoke angels and saints, adore them, fast on account of them, hold holidays and masses for them, sacrifice unto them, establish churches and altars, and institute divine services for them, attributing all manner of assistance to them, and assigning unto each one a particular office, as the Papists teach and do; for this is idolatry, and such honor pertains to God alone. For you as a Christian and a saint, can pray for me here on earth, not only in a single instance, but in every time of need. But I should not, therefore, invoke, adore, and solemnize you, fast, sacrifice, and hold masses in your honor, and place in you my faith and hope of salvation. I can otherwise truly honor, love and thank you in Christ. Now, if such idolatrous worship of angels and dead saints, were abolished, other honors would be harmless, yes, soon forgotten. For if advantage and assistance, both temporal and spiritual, were no more to be expected, they would certainly leave the saints in peace, both in the grave and in heaven; for gratuitously, or through mere love, no one would either remember, esteem, or honor them much.

In short, the mass itself, that which results from it, and that which attaches to it, we cannot tolerate; and we must condemn it, in order that we may preserve the holy Sacrament pure and indubitable, according to the institution of Christ, and receive and use it in faith.