These are the articles, upon which, through the will of God, I must stand, and will stand, till my death. And I know nothing in them to alter or to concede. But if any one will concede any thing, he does it at the peril of his own conscience.

Finally, the juggling tricks of the Pope still remain, in reference to foolish and puerile articles; as, concerning the consecration of churches, the baptism of bells and altars, and appointing those who contribute to these things, as sponsors upon the occasion. This baptism, which should not be tolerated, is a contumely and a derision of holy Baptism.

Further, we shall keep ourselves entirely aloof from the consecration of tapers, palms, cakes, oats, spices, &c., which, however, cannot be called consecration, but a mere mockery and deception; such delusive performances we commit to the Pope, which his adherents may adore till they are weary, but we will have nothing to do with such things.